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AWI – An International Experience


We hope you will enjoy your time and many experiences while you study at AWI.

AWI is a truly international school and in 2013 we have enrolled students from many different countries including China, Brazil, Pakistan and India, the Philippines, Thailand, Korea and Russia. Being an international student is much more than studying in the classroom, going to lectures and doing your homework. It is an opportunity for you to study alongside classmates not only from different countries but also from often very different cultures from your own.

AWI will encourage you to experience these new cultures, maybe begin to learn a new language and, more importantly, make new international friendships. We will offer you the opportunity to visit local places of interest such as the city Museum and Art Gallery, visit a Meeting House of the native people, the Maori, and learn about New Zealand culture and society and enjoy social activities such as visiting local islands, having beach barbeques and picnics and taking part in the Schools ‘International Student Day’ when students bring food from their home countries and wear their national dress.

AWI will help you with your education and will help you to understand more about the wider world – join us and be part of a very real ‘international family’!

AWI Management Team


The scheduled breaks for 2014/2015: 26 May to 8 Jun, 21 July to 3 Aug,
22 Sep to 05 Oct, 23 Nov 2014 to 22 Feb 2015 (Summer Break)

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